Milestone Balloon
Milestone Balloon
Milestone Balloon

Milestone Balloon

Britts B Dazzled
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Capture your little one's growth in a unique and charming way with Britt’s B Dazzled’s 'Milestone Balloon' set.

Perfect for adorning your nursery wall or adding a personal touch to photo opportunities like cake smashes, this handmade set is crafted with meticulous care. We utilise top-quality 100% cotton yarn to ensure the finest product for your family.

Your 'Milestone Balloon' pack includes:

• 1x Balloon

• 1x "Month" script

• 1x "Months" script

• Numbers 0-8 (with two 1s for those 11-month celebrations)


Approximate Measurements:

• Balloon: 55cm L x 26cm H

• Month: 32cm L x 13cm H

• Months: 38cm L x 13cm H

• Numbers: 13cm H


Please note that slight variations in size may occur due to the handmade nature of our items.

Should you need help, want to clarify something about your order, or have questions, please reach out via Instagram DM or send us an email at before placing your order.

Our 'Milestone Balloon' items are delicate and require careful handling. For hanging, we suggest using small nails or 3M hooks. Avoid Blu-Tak, Velcro, tape, or sticky substances, as they could damage the knitted pieces.

Remember, this is NOT A TOY and MUST BE KEPT OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AT ALL TIMES to ensure safety.